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  • Description:

    Water Glow Aqua Ampoule Mask is an excellent treatment for dry skin that contains Rose Water, Adenosine, Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides and Witch Hazel. Hyaluronic Acid retains moisture in skin cells, Ceramides reinforce the skin's cell barrier to keep moisture locked in and the added Trehalose binds these nourishing moisturising ingredients together into your cells. It also contains Adenosine to heal damaged skin and to improve the apprearance of wrinkles, and Witch Hazel and Rose Water to effectively hydrate and soothe skin.

    How to use:

    After cleansing, prep skin with toner. Remove the transparent film on the back of the mask and gently place mask onto the face. Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes. Lightly massage and pat the excess essence into the skin until absorbed.