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Chocolate toffee truffle. Sweets that are impossible to pass by. The taste can take you back to the distant 19th century, where such a wonderful dessert was invented. The only thing they know about truffles is that real chocolate truffles are handmade, and they are. The advantage of these sweets is their soft and delicate texture. All ingredients are carefully, and most importantly, lovingly mixed and gently envelop the whole nut. And most importantly, Healthy Choice toffee truffle is a unique recipe that allows you to combine an exquisite and unique taste in one candy.

Expiration date: 6 months 

Healthy Choice chocolate (buckwheat chocolate, milk chocolate with rooibos and buckwheat, dark chocolate 55% with raspberry-spirulina, coconut chocolate), Jerusalem artichoke syrup, cashew nuts, hazelnuts.