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Atache Green Tea Mask is a green tea face mask with anti-ageing active ingredients that leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable. Rich in Green Tea, this mask will soon become your skincare favourite as it delivers a powerful antioxidant action that wards off skin ageing processes.

Once applied, its potent active ingredients restore your skin’s moisture levels, allowing it to regain softness and elasticity. It has been proven to significantly improve the results of additional anti-ageing treatments.

What’s more, it decongests the skin, providing instant comfort and freshness. Your complexion will appear brighter and more toned, so you’ll fall in love from the first use!

Thanks to its formulation, your skin will look smooth, supple, even and radiant. This mask is one of our most popular products thanks to its spectacular results, and once you try it, there’s no going back.

It’s highly recommended for delaying signs of ageing, as with each application the skin appears full of life and youth. This is a universal mask that everyone should have, regardless of your skin type

You can use this antioxidant mask once or twice a week. We recommend applying in the evening after your usual cleansing routine.