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SOMEBYMI Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Starter Kit with Snail for stressed and damaged skin!

[Snail Truecica ™ Miracle Repair low pH Gel Cleanser] • Low pH cleanser to balance skin pH • Contains Snail Truecica ™ 30,000 ppm, Amino acid complex, ceramide, and panthenol • Deeply cleanses skin impurities but no dryness

[Snail Truecica ™ Miracle Repair Toner] • Soothe sensitive and easily irritated skin • Contains Snail Truecica ™ 910,000 ppm to enhance skin barrier • Contains niacinamide, arbutin, glutathione to brighten pigmentated skin.

[Snail Truecica ™ Miracle Repair Serum] • Calm Sensitive skin and strengthen skin barrier to soften rough skin texture • Contains Snail Truecica ™ 890,000 ppm, sage extract, allantoin for moisturizing

[Snail Truecica ™ Miracle Repair Cream] • Enhance a skin barrier not to be easily damaged • Marine Collagen + 5 types of Ceramide + vegetable peptide build up a strong skin barrier