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Delicate toffees based on coconut milk in dark chocolate 55%. Soft and viscous filling with a light and unobtrusive taste of coconut just melts in your mouth, everything is perfectly balanced in them, so eating them is one pleasure! Dark chocolate sweets with filling: toffee (80%). There are 12 chocolates in the set. Energy and nutritional value per 100 g: Energy value - 1410.01 KJ, Kcal - 337 | Proteins - 1.8 g | Fats - 12g | Carbohydrates - 56.6 g | Glycemic index - 30.3 | Glycemic load - 54.6 Minimum content of cocoa product: dark chocolate Healthy Choice - 55%. Contains nuts.
Store at a temperature of (18 +/- 3)°С and relative air humidity not higher than 75%, without direct sunlight, in a dark place. Expiration date: 3 months
Coconut milk, coconut sugar, Criollo cocoa beans, cocoa butter, muscovado sugar, cashew nut, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, fleur de sel salt, natural Bourbon vanilla stick.