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Is your skin cruelly reflecting your lack of sleep? This luxurious mask will become your ideal partner for restful nights.

As having beautiful skin is also achieved through a good night’s sleep, it's time to transform your nights into a beauty treatment. The softness of the mask will give you an unrivalled feeling of well-being - get ready to be gorgeous!

Are you tired of having drawn lines as soon as you wake up? Silk doesn't absorb humidity; it keeps the skin around your eyes well hydrated. It is smooth and doesn't ride up.

While everyone has their little ritual for falling asleep more easily: a hot drink, a nice shower, a little music...there is no doubt that the silk sleeping mask will be yours 

Every day, when it's time to go to bed or during a daytime soon as you need a good sleep : Get comfortable. Put the mask around your neck. Pull it over your temples and close your eyes. Breathe, and fall into a deep sleep. Warning: this is a highly addictive experience.
100% silk. Care : Hand wash, 30°C, cold water only