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This green line uses a mix of natural oils to give shine and softness to dry and normal hair types. The result is optimal already after the first application.

 ✔️ Honey shampoo - it is a natural recipe for washing all hair types. It confers softness, shine and accentuates natural reflections, 250 ml
✔️ Macadamia oil (with Gold particles) - it is the only non-animal oil with high amount of palmitoleic acid. It is indicated for both hair and scalp, 50 ml
✔️ Natural hair conditioner - it is a hair cream balm with restructuring action, 250 ml

Macadamia oil is a completely natural product that helps to improve the quality of hair and facilitate styling. It can be applied:- the night before you wash your hair. In this case, you can apply both to the length of the hair and to the scalp.- 10 minutes before shampooing, as an express mask. You can also apply on the scalp and on the length of the hair.- on dried hair during styling. Thanks to the oil, excess fluffiness of the hair will go away, it will be easier to style and lie better. In this case, apply oil only to the length of the hair in a small amount. Remember: Natural oils always weigh hair down!

Apply the honey shampoo all over the hair, massage with the addition of a little water and rinse.

After washing the hair with the honey shampoo, distribute the conditioner cream on the scalp and lengths. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.