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Shampoo with marigold extract Lebel Marigold is perfect for oily scalp. Due to the marigold and chamomile extracts in the composition, the shampoo perfectly cleanses and disinfects and soothes the scalp, normalizes the secretion of sebum. Normalizes the pH of the scalp and hair. Due to the menthol in the composition, it has a light cooling effect.

Curls look crumbly, shiny and silky. Due to the SPF15 sunscreen filter, the shampoo protects the hair from UV rays.

The natural composition makes the product so soft that it is suitable even for small children! For the best effect, it is recommended to use shampoo together with the balm of the brand's natural series.

With caution, it is worth using the product for owners of bleached hair and blonde of cold shades - because the natural ingredients in the composition can give yellowness.