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Natural Dried Fruits in Chocolate is an incomparable combination of the healthiness of mango, peach and melon with our delicious black 55% chocolate. Dried fruits are a great treat for both adults and children. They retain the beneficial properties of fresh fruits and have a unique taste and aroma. Eating dried peaches helps to look good. Dried melon is important for strengthening immunity and psychological health. The benefits of dried mango are manifested in the general condition of the body, the fruit improves tone, protects the immune system and promotes the production of hormones of joy.
Store at a temperature of (18 +/- 3)°С and relative air humidity not higher than 75%, without direct sunlight, in a dark place. Expiration date: 6 months
dried melon 27.7%, dried mango 27.7%, dried peach 27.7%, cocoa beans, muscovado, cashew nuts, Himalayan salt, vanilla stick "Bourbon" natural. Energy and nutritional value per 185 g: Kcal - 1169.80 kcal | Proteins - 10.2 g | Fat - 27.9 g | Carbohydrates - 221.89 g | Glycemic index - 332 | Glycemic load - 203