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Moisturizing shampoo, suitable for all types of scalp and hair, including sensitive skin. Makes hair manageable, smoothes, visually appears larger, the hair structure becomes denser. Retains the brightness of coloured hair. Contains no sulphates.


Moisturizing aroma shampoo Lebel IAU Serum Cleansing is ideal for dry, unruly, both curly and straight hair that requires additional nutrition and hydration.


The action of the product is based on the restoration of the integrity and smoothness of the hair cuticle, the surface of each hair is smoothed, thereby creating shine and silkiness, as well as the effect of a slight alignment of the hair.


The hair after shampooing significantly improves its quality and appearance. The shampoo formula supplies the curls with active plant components and vitamins responsible for moisturizing the hair, making them stronger and firmer.


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