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The Ultimate Beauty Supplement

Created exclusively for anyone considering trying to maintain their youthful appearance as their age.

- Formulated with leading European Dermatologists

- 5g of Clinically Proven Hydrolyzed Collagen per sachet

- Sustainably sourced Norwegian Marine Collagen

- Contains Tyndallized Probiotics & Proprietary Vitamin Blend

- Free from Gluten, Lactose, Fat and Sugar

- Natural raspberry flavour

Produced in Sanremo 🇮🇹

•Norwegian Marine Collagen 5000mg For anti-aging effect , reducing skin wrinkles , Increasing the skin moisture level •Vitamine A 0.80 mg Is essential for your health. It supports cell growth, immune function, fetal development, and vision •Biotin 0,05 mg As an essential water-soluble vitamin, you need to get it from food or supplements, your body does not make it •D3 and K2 800 IU/0,05 mg Make a perfect pair for your health. These vitamins work best in the presence of each other. They provide a synergic effect in balancing your blood calcium level that regulates your blood vessels and bones’ health. •Vitamine E 15 mg Vitamin E serve as a protective antioxidant that fights cholesterol oxidation •Vitamine C 500 mg Vitamin C can lower the risk of developing cataracts and can also help slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration •Probiotics 4 Billion Our carefully selected probiotics build the base of a healthy gut and the right absorption of nutrients into the human body most effectively.