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FOELLIE intimate perfume for a scent that will be remembered!
We want to smell sexy, pure & lovely, and with FOELLIE Intimate Perfume we can do that in no time at all, for a whole 48 hours! Just a drop of FOELLIE Inner Perfume on your underwear and you will be unforgettable!

Which ingredients are contained in the intimate perfume?
6 valuable, vegetable oils and are good for the skin
Zinc ricinoleate remove bad odors that can arise from various conditions in the intimate area
Rosa rugosa and Lactobacillus ferment extract ensure a healthy intimate area

Is intimate perfume safe to use?
The female Y-region is over 10 times more sensitive than the skin on the face, which is why FOELLIE perfumes are subjected to the toughest tests. The perfumes are dermatologically tested and approved for sensitive skin.

How do I use intimate perfume?
Put a drop of the perfume in your panties or on your panty liner. Can of course also be used as a common perfume on the wrists and behind the ears. Tip: A drop in the bath water and your whole body smells seductive. Or a drop in your hair or pillow for an irresistible scent of your hair!

Eau de Ciel :  A pure, delicate scent of white flowers.