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This is not just SPF with new generation physical and chemical filters, which we created with ocean friendly composition (does not harm the marine environment and its inhabitants).

And also a care product for your skin, which:

1. Moisturizes and aligns facial tone with niacinamide

2. Protect skin from HEV radiation with vitamin E

3. Increase collagen and elastin production with adenosine

4. Normalizes sebum, improves tone with Willow extract

5. Persimmon leaf extract will help protect skin from wrinkles by inhibiting

6. Rice bran extract as a source of vitamins and collagen synthesis

Method of application:

To have a 100% safe tan in the sun, apply the cream 20 minutes before leaving the house with massage movements.
Do not forget to update the cream every 3-4 hours.
Ready - skin shines and says thank you!