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Aqua Defense is a soothing facial toner specifically created for sensitive, delicate or reactive skin. Formulated with thermal spring water, it’s an unbeatable option for toning, hydrating and rebalancing, without harming or aggravating the skin.
The thermal spring water in its formula is considered mineral-medicinal, making it stand out from other toners since its trace elements act to provide a skin-desensitising effect, in addition to the usual actions.

This product hydrates, tones, rebalances the hydrolipid barrier and prepares the skin to optimally absorb any active ingredients subsequently applied during the facial care routine.

It’s also enriched with active ingredients such as Enteromorpha compressa extract, allantoin and provitamin B5, which act on sensitive skin, providing soothing, anti-pruritic and healing effects, while stimulating the skin regeneration process.

Soft Derm Aqua Defense facial toner really makes a difference.

After washing and drying your face, hold the toner about 20cm away and spray as many times as your skin needs.