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The Santa Claus & Snowman chocolate bar has the legendary filling from our coconut bar inside: vegan coconut caramel, fragrant sesame seeds and nut praline.
The minimum cocoa content in the chocolate mass is 34%.

Nutritional (food) value per 100 g (g) of product: proteins - 7.14 g (g), fats - 34.45 g (g), carbohydrates - 31.46 g (g). Energy value (calories) per 100 g (g) of product: 1938.61 (kJ); 463.34 (kcal).

Net weight: 175г

Storage conditions: Store in dry, clean, well-ventilated rooms that do not have a foreign odor, are not infected with pests of bread stocks, at a temperature of (18+\-3)°С and relative humidity not exceeding 75%.

Shelf life: 4 months

Ingredients: coconut milk, coconut milk powder, muscovado sugar, cocoa butter, coconut syrup, Criollo cocoa beans, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut flakes, coconut sugar, coconut flour, filtered water, cashew nuts, roasted sesame seeds, wafer crumbs, Himalayan salt, natural Bourbon vanilla bean stick. Contains nuts.