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Description :

The sulfate-free LADOR TripleX3 Natural Shampoo takes care of your scalp by its natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil and Black Currant Extract. It cleanses the hair gently while nourishing it and prevents split ends and frizz. Therefore, it is ideal for dry and sensitive scalp. 

Because of its mild surfactants it produces less bubbles compared to normal shampoos. But by doing so it cleanses the hair thoroughly without irritating sensitive scalp. The mildly acid formula (pH 6.0) maintains also the natural balance by neutralizing the hair pH value and is perfect for dry hair with damaged surface. Furthermore, it is rich in natural nutrients. The Shampoo contains Green Tea Callus Culture, a plant stem cell ingredients with a hair conditioning and antioxidant effect, and Black Currant Extract, which is rich in fatty acids and keeps the hair moisturized. Additionally, the Turmeric Extract soothes oily scalp and adjusts the sebum production while refreshing your scalp. Consequently, it provides healthy shiny hair by strengthening your scalp and hair roots, removing excess dandruff and nourishing the entire hair. 

150 ml

How to Use:

Use the TripleX3 Natural Shampoo twice due to its mild surfactants, which create less but fine bubbles.

1st cleansing: Take an appropriate amount of the shampoo and apply it to your scalp. Massage gently until fine bubbles occur. Finally, rinse your hair.