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50+ protection with a next-generation coral-safe filter platform.

This emulsion dedicated to the face contains a selected blend of active ingredients aimed at counteracting one of the most frequent blemishes related to sun exposure and photo-aging: skin spots.

Thanks to the extracts of Angelica and Mugwort, it inhibits the formation of new spots and discolored skin patches, and promotes the attenuation of existing ones, while esterified Vitamin F degrades excess melanin and boosts cell turnover.

Vitamin PP evens out skin tone, while Jojoba hydrates and nourishes. Finally, a special supply is that of Avenanthramides, which soothe the skin by carrying out a softening action and giving a feeling of absolute comfort.

How to use : 

Apply the product immediately before exposure avoiding the eye contour area. Apply again frequently, especially after swimming. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly


Calibrated filter platform
It is a calibrated platform of second generation inorganic and organic filters (which act by reflecting and dispersing light, remaining inert and photostable), for perfect stability over time and safe, reliable protection. The particular combination of these two types of filters allows excellent sensoriality, also essential for the correct spreading of the product, which is tested for SPF, UVA photo-protection and water resistance. Sunsee filters do not contain harmful substances for corals and are incorporated into eco-designed products to be totally “reef friendly”.

Extract of Mugwort
Extracted from the Artemisia capillaris flower, it is considered one of the basic ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine and is classified as a superior drug. Several studies show its ability to block the release of melanin to keratinocytes by melanosomes. In this way, it hinders the onset of skin spots upstream.

Extract of Angelica
It is an extract obtained from the root of Angelica acutiloba grown in Hokkaido which, due to its restorative properties, is considered one of the main herbs of traditional Chinese medicine. Clinical studies demonstrate its ability to “digest” melanosomes leading to a significant reduction in the visibility of age-related skin spots.

Vitamin F Flaxseed
As part of the anti-spot treatments, Vitamin F obtained from flaxseed oil promotes epidermal cell turnover by helping to attenuate the visibility of the spot (it degrades the excess melanin present) and preventing the thickening of skin areas characterized by spots and discoloration. In addition, it regulates the production of melanin by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme.

Niacinamide (or Vitamin PP)
Also known as Vitamin B3, it is a very stable vitamin with countless and proven benefits for the skin. It protects the skin tissue from oxidative stress, boosts the key proteins involved in the barrier effect (therefore it strengthens the skin barrier), increases the level of ceramides and fatty acids while maintaining the TEWL, carries out a preventive action against the signs of aging and reduces hyperpigmentation.

It also contains:
Jojoba esters, Oryzanol, Sunflower seed wax, Mimosa floral wax

* This is a short list of active ingredients, extracts of plants’ and marine origin, as well as combined complexes. The full composition o