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Cleanozone Plus is a micellar gel of mild surfactants with incorporated Ozonized Oil. The result is a very fine emulsion, ideal for face and body, which cleanses the skin in a very gentle way, bringing the beneficial effects guaranteed by the presence of Ozone: purifying action, respect of the hydro-lipid film, skin dynamization. In view of its particular dermatological tolerability, it can also be used in the case of sensitive, delicate skin.




Apply to moistened skin and massage until a soft foam is visible. Rinse thoroughly
Sesame oil loaded with Ozone. The ingredient - strongly enriched - can be defined as a “warehouse” of active, stabilized and bio-available oxygen with several properties for cells and skin. It improves cellular energy and boasts an overall germicidal activity (antibacterial and antimicrobial). It also significantly intervenes on the skin tissues through a revitalizing, re-epithelizing and cicatrizing action. Finally, it shows interesting properties that stimulate the metabolization of lactic acid and related to the recovery from fatigue. Calendula Water Rich in flavonoids, it helps the skin regain its balance and functionality, even at the level of collagen production. It boasts an anti-inflammatory, soothing action. Aloe Juice It is abundant in precious substances for the skin: complex sugars such as mucopolysaccharides, enzymes, lignins, saponins and phospholipids. They synergistically interact with each other, thus translating into tangible benefits for the skin: hydration, emollience, counter-action against signs of aging and brightness. * This is a short list of active ingredients, extracts of plants’ and marine origin, as well as combined complexes. The full composition of international pharmacopoeial ingredients in Latin and English please find at the photo of the package.