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The silicone-free LADOR Moisture Balancing Conditioner cares for the hair intensively and gives silky shine. In particular, the patented active ingredient GREENOL, which consists of lavender, bergamot, freesia, peppermint, chamomile and rose, soothes and is ideal for sensitive scalp.

The Moisture Balancing Conditioner leaves the hair smooth and soft and makes it easier to comb. In addition, it is pH-neutral thanks to the mild fruit acid (Citric Acid, AHA) and regulates the moisture-oil balance. It also prevents split ends, as the silicone-free conditioner cares for the hair, from the root to the tips. Thus, this hair care is ideal for dry and damaged hair.

100 ml

 How to Use:

After shampooing, take an adequate amount of the conditioner and massage it into the hair, especially to the tips. Then rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.