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Fluid lotion containing targeted active ingredients in high concentration, professional, home-care use.

A lotion very rich in active ingredients in high concentration, formulated for a targeted, effective, intense intervention against skin spots and dyschromia. The Whitening Blend performs an anti spot action and it contributes to improving the overall evened out tone of the face skin. Adenosine soothes and softens, while Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid combined together maintain the skin well hydrated, firm and toned up.

How to use: 

Dab all over the face skin, leave it on for 10 minutes, then rub it in.


Whitening Blend
It is an exclusive Blend by Beauty Spa. It consists of three active ingredients that work in synergy for a powerful anti-spot, illuminating action. The goal is to consider the blemish of skin dyschromia and effectively treat it starting from three areas: the control of the excessive melanin production, the treatment of skin inflammation at the root of the hyperpigmentation, the skin renewal – essential in order to make the skin smoother, evened out and luminous. Such actions are performed by Blend: a combination of Resorcinol and Bisabolol, Porcelain Flower and Extract of Licorice.

Hyaluronic Acid
Known for its strongly moisturizing properties, it is an essential component of dermis, which gives resistance and tone to the skin, thus improving its ability to repair any damage.

It is found in nature in some organisms and plants that survive thanks to it under environmental extreme stress conditions. Trehalose is a type of sugar boasting conservative properties. Its main function is to protect the skin against the harmful action of free radicals and degenerative cell processes. In that way it prevents the most widespread aging and stress factors, especially dehydration, pollution and exposure to the UV radiation.

It contributes to fostering the proliferation of fibroblasts, and in that way it performs an interesting anti-aging action.

* This is a short list of active ingredients, extracts of plants’ and marine origin, as well as combined complexes. The full composition of international pharmacopoeial ingredients in Latin and English please find at the photo of the package