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Face & body mask most suited to all skin types but particularly dull, dehydrated and mature skins. Healing & brightening leaving the skin silky soft. Use to hydrate, smooth and bring radiance to the complexion. Perfect for around the eyes to soften fine lines and dark circles but must be applied finely.

 HOW TO USE IT: Multiple uses; can be used all over the body and face (not hair). Apply to the face using our La Sultane de Saba Spatula in a very fine layer. As a homecare mask should be used 1-2 times per week and rinsed off.

Acacia Honey – skin softening, brightening, antioxidant (flavonoids & phenolics), anti-ageing & anti-bacterial.
Rose – astringent, toning, moisturising, beautiful fragrance, cleansing.
Ginger – quickly clears blemishes and can improve an acne skin, stimulates circulation.